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  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Master's in Exercise Science

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  • 1000+ hrs of Yoga Teacher Training
  • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire (of Hot Yoga)

An upfront bio

When I woke up the doctor told me I should be dead. I looked down as if from a million miles away to find needles and tubes sticking in and out of me. The pain was deafening. My brother asked me if I remembered my name, then who the president was and I hadn't forgotten. He asked me my social security number and I said "S- wait I'm not telling you!" I was going to be alright.... Eventually. 

In the words of Thom Yorke, I did this to myself and that is why it really hurt. Well, it also hurt because of the blood alcohol level of over 0.600. No, that’s not a typo. This scared the ever-loving shit out of me, enough to get sober. Er, um… well at least I would sober up for about a week before my next visit to the hospital, and there would be unfathomable hellscapes of pain and anguish to cross before arriving at a clear head, sobriety, and yoga. I would learn this lesson over and over again until it burned me alive or set me free. Fuck, that was a painful way to learn, but the pain forced me to either change or die. Rehab. Relapse, Repeat. How could I break the cycle? 

Everyone I knew had been telling me the truth about myself my whole life but I couldn't learn that way, I couldn't learn from other people telling me what to do. I had to kill my demons myself. The torture of addiction taught me in a way I can never forget. Even after my listless wandering through the dark rivers that form the waterfall of death, I am still here, awake and alive, on dry land. It seems the lifeline that pulled me from the wreckage of my life was yoga. Of all the places, it happened to be hot yoga at the biggest McYoga factory in the world: Core Power. It was a way to see my own body and mind in a positive and powerful way, almost for the first time. Yoga was the closest thing to magic that there ever was, and it healed my greatest wounds. Practice gives us the tools to transform ourselves into anything and anyone.

It’s all about the breath. Without yoga and meditation I’d have been a goner for sure. Substance abuse had me tumbling down a hole and back again – but deep breathing, a desire to let go of fear, and an openness to discomfort and pain were my raft through the torment of withdrawal and the growing pains of healing my body and mind. This practice continues to heal some deep old wounds, and I hope I can help others to walk towards whatever they’re looking for.

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