Every human is genuinely unique biologically, intellectually, intuitively, and existentially. Individual guidance will empower you like nothing else to live in control of your mind and body. 


Clear the confusion about conflicting information regarding fitness, yoga, meditation and other wellness methods. 



"I can honestly say that Anthony is the best yoga instructor that I have ever had.  In the few short months that I have known him, he has done more to help me manage my back pain than the years of physical therapy, chiropractors and acupuncture that I have gone through.  Anthony does an incredible job of not just explaining the how, but the why.  He is attentive to his students, always making sure they move in a safe yet effective manner.  I am continually amazed how he can tailor a pose to help a student with an injury or just to find a deeper level.  But beyond all of his technical expertise, Anthony brings many intangibles to class which separates him from his peers; incorporating mindfulness, humor and from time to time, his own music.  Just take one of his classes and you will understand..."

Conor Wentz - Student

"Anthony's classes go beyond asana, focusing on attention and discipline (mental and physical). When I'm distracted, Anthony is one of the only teachers who calls me out on my BS and reminds me to actually practice yoga."

Amanda Martin - Student

"He is fun-loving and brings a sense of light-heartedness into the classroom. It is almost as if he takes a breath and flips a switch inside of himself, transforming into a poised vehicle of absolute spiritual force. He is persistently seeking new knowledge of yogic philosophy and is well-versed on the eight limbs of yoga. Anthony speaks his teachings timely throughout class, never repeating the same script or sequence in his classes. Anthony has a particular skill for teaching mindful/ meditative classes wherein he breaks down anatomy and works the class through a specific muscle group, honing in on subtlety in action."

Katy Bauschke - Student, Teacher




Learn from direct experience to make it muscle memory.

Fitness, yoga, and meditation are just the tip of the iceberg.

Crystallize a personal understanding of exactly why you practice what you do. WHY should you breathe, think or move in certain ways to achieve specific results? How is your practice unique to YOU, and you alone. 

I offer instruction in:

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Fitness & Performance

  • Anatomy of Movement

  • Tools to implement real change in your life

  • Mentorship for ALL the above


This one needs to be thought out and planned according to your own personal goals and needs. Don't worry, not having a price here doesn't mean that it's expensive, it means I want to sit down and have tea with you and see what you're after. Contact me and let's sip tea, even if that's over skype from 1000 miles away.

Minneapolis, MN, USA

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