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    • WELCOME: Guided Class Library - Fitness, Yoga, & Meditation

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    • (25m) Elastic Rotational Tensegrity

    • (30m) Myofascial Release - Calves Glut Med Levator

    • (34m) Hips and Rotational Hinges

    • (50m) Slider Eccentric Basics

    • (50m) Shoulder and Wrist Mobility (Kind of Yoga-esque)

  • 03


    • (45m) Functional Yoga - Essential Postures Practice

    • (75m) Hip Hinge Practice

    • (60m) Simple Strong Movement and 6-4 Breathing

    • (65m) PNF Postural Vinyasa

    • (60m) Hip Joint Mobilization and Neuromuscular Reeducation

    • (81m) Supine/Prone Neck and Hip Strength

    • (24m) Movement Prep for Nidra or Meditation

    • (90m) Travel Inward - Asana - Pranayam - Meditation COMPLETE PRACTICE

    • (70m) Shapeshifted Ashtanga Primary Series

    • (30m) Gentle Hip Flow

  • 04


    • (35m) Body Scan and Parasympathetic Relaxation Breathing

    • (17m) Yoga Nidra Essentials Practice

    • (31m) Mental Alternate Nostril Breathing and Calm Abiding Meditation

    • (25m) Loving Kindness Metta Meditation