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“I can honestly say that Anthony is the best yoga instructor that I have ever had. In the few short months that I have known him, he has done more to help me manage my back pain than the years of physical therapy, chiropractors and acupuncture that I have gone through. Anthony does an incredible job of not just explaining the how, but the why. He is attentive to his students, always making sure they move in a safe yet effective manner. I am continually amazed how he can tailor a pose to help a student with an injury or just to find a deeper level. But beyond all of his technical expertise, Anthony brings many intangibles to class which separates him from his peers; incorporating mindfulness, humor and from time to time, his own music. Just take one of his classes and you will understand...”

200hr YTT Grad

Conor Wentz

“He is fun-loving and brings a sense of light-heartedness into the classroom. It is almost as if he takes a breath and flips a switch inside of himself, transforming into a poised vehicle of absolute spiritual force. He is persistently seeking new knowledge of yogic philosophy and is well-versed on the eight limbs of yoga. Anthony speaks his teachings timely throughout class, never repeating the same script or sequence in his classes. Anthony has a particular skill for teaching mindful/ meditative classes wherein he breaks down anatomy and works the class through a specific muscle group, honing in on subtlety in action.”

Yoga Teacher Trainer

Katy Bauschke

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