I guide health driven people to find clarity in a sea of conflicting information on health and wellness by helping them embody evidence informed fitness, yoga, and meditation methods so they can be in control of their own body and mind, and teach others to do the same.


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Functional Movement

Learn to move in ways that respect human anatomy.


Practice a unique style of science based yoga techniques, and learn about your body in the process!


The nervous system holds the keys to the kingdom of your mind. Access your unlimited potential through mindful practice. 

Weekly Updates

The library grows each week! Movement, yoga, meditation and education are all exclusive parts of the members only area.


This continuously growing library of classes will include yoga, functional movement, meditation, and "biohacking" techniques to gain control over your health and wellness. It is updated weekly with fresh content!

The health & wellness industries are filled with pseudoscience and snake oil salesmen who take advantage of people who lack education on basic biological sciences. You deserve to have free access to fundamental scientific understanding of your body and mind, so you can confidently take your health into your own hands. We cannot simply reject all "ancient wisdom," nor can we blindly embrace it all. We can use science to help us evaluate the potential truths and attempt to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to alternative methods of wellness.


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To Change,

You Must ACT.

Hi. I'm Anthony Davis. I'm here to teach you everything I know about fitness, yoga, and meditation. As a student completing a Masters in Exercise Science, and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, I will always teach you methods which have been critically evaluated. 


Minneapolis, MN, USA

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